Review your last 3-5 days.... How many of you had a beet for lunch? How about Kale? Chard? Spinach? How many get the daily recommended serving of fruits and veggies at 7-9 per day? How much of your fruits and vegetables  were consumed  raw and were organic? Some of you may have said yes, but I'm willing to bet that the majority of people who read this are in the "no" category.  Which is ok because it is difficult to get your nutrition in this fast paced world we now live in.  But this is where we come in. 

Juicing is an easy, and efficient way to have an immediate and significant impact on your health and wellness. It can have a positive influence on your bodies ph balance, hydration, performance, hormonal balance, weight loss and inflammation in your body.

Because we are literally separating the juice from dietary fiber; all of the healthy nutrients are absorbed into the system without inhibition. This happens at a faster rate than when you eat the ingredients and at much higher concentrations, giving you more time in the day to reap the benefits. 

Juicing comes from a juicer or a press – and the resulting liquid does not have any of the fiber that was in the original plant (fruit, vegetable or herb).  It does however, have all of the nutrients.  This includes the macronutrients inherent in the produce, as well as all vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.  It is very easy for your body to absorb all of these nutrients right away, and often provides more of the nutrients because the extraction process of juicing releases the nutrients that are trapped in the fiber.

Juicing is also a fabulous hydrator.  Firstly, the juice itself is nutrient-rich cell water released from the plants.  Second the juice is probably replacing other drinks you might otherwise be drinking like coffee or soda or other sugary drinks that are actually dehydrating:  they require the body to use up water to flush the cells of their toxins.

So come check us out and take control of you health and wellness. And remember to LIVE DIFFERENTLY.

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