1 Day: 1 Day cleanses come with your choice of five juices and a nut milk ($55) per day, or 6 juices ($54).  

2 Day or More: 2 Day cleanses come with your choice of five juices and a nut milk ($55) per day, or 6 juices ($54).  

Guidelines:  When considering doing a juice cleanse here are some friendly tips to help you make an informed decision

What Juices to Pick? We recommend playing around with our different options.  Try the different samples of available juices ahead of time and go from there.  General rule of thumb though is that you will want at least three green juices per day.  

24 Hour Notice:  Juicing is a very time consuming labor of love, and with our product having 3 day shelf life it is very difficult to have drop in cleanses ready at point of sale.  Therefore, we kindly ask that you give us a 24 hour window to get your order prepared for pick up.  Also, because of the short shelf life you might have to pick up multiple times depending on the length of the cleanse and our availability of fresh juices.  

Preparation:  Preparation going into a cleanse can help enhance the overall experience.  Therefore, we advise you to load up on water in the days prior and eliminate the amount of inflammatory foods or products your body consumes 2-3 days prior.  It may be helpful to bring in Simply Pressed juices into your diet 2-3 days prior as well. 


Inflammatory products to restrict


  • non organic meat and poultry 

  • white starches and grains

  • non organic dairy and eggs 

  • raw fish

  • fried foods

  • refined sugars

  • animal based protein powders • processed foods (for example:  tofu, breads, pastas and fake sugars

  • Caffeine

  • Alcohol



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